EMC Natural Gas
RELYCO Security

Coweta-Fayette EMC Board of Directors

James Fulton
Fayette County
Since 2003 
Therol Brown
Vice Chairman
Fayette County
Since 2006
J. Neal Shepard
Coweta County
Since 1994 
W.L. Clements
Coweta County
Since 1976

K.M. Spaller
Fayette County
Since 1965

Ross Henry
Fulton-Heard Counties
Since 2002 

Alice J. Mallory
Fayette County
Since 1994

Elwood Thompson
Coweta County
Since 1985

Mildred A. Winkles
Coweta County
Since 1994

Anthony H. "Tony" Sinclair 
President & CEO 
Since 2009
Think about the manner in which your neighbors influence your behavior. Maybe its knowing that you’ll have to face them, that you’ll run into them at the grocery, at church or at the mailbox. You care what they think and you’re somehow “accountable.” 

Well, that’s how your Board of Directors feels. Each of them really is your neighbor. They’re people you select to represent you in the everyday operations of the company you own. And they’re people who know that they’re accountable to you for the actions we take and their consequences.

This group gives each item on the agenda their full attention, looking into the future as best they can to make sure that the interests of over 61,000 other members and customers will benefit from their decisions. Most of them also keep up with high-demand careers, volunteer time through civic and professional organizations and are leaders in their churches and the community at large.