EMC Natural Gas
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Report Power Outage

When your power is off:

  • First, check your fuses or breakers.
  • Second, check with your neighbors.
  • Third, call EMC's 24-hour phone service.

Reporting Your Power Outage

Call EMCs 24-hour phone service (770-502-0226)

Press 1 to reach Automated Services. Once in Automated services, Press 1 again to report the power outage.

If your phone number is recognized by our system, the system will automatically record your service location and report the outage. If your phone number is not recognized, you will be directed to the next available customer service representative.

Help us keep the lights on. Report Damage.

We inspect our lines regularly, but often you can spot trouble before we have a chance to reach it. Please tell us about anything suspicious you see, especially:

  • A pole charred at the bottom or split at the top
  • A wire or rope thrown over the line
  • Overhanging branches and leaning trees
  • Any sparking or fire, especially at the transformers
  • Chipped or cracked insulators
  • Persistent radio interference