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Touchstone Energy Home Rebates – Are you building the home of your dreams and want to make it energy efficient? Do you want to make your home a Touchstone Energy certified home? If so, the Touchstone Energy® Home Program may be what you are looking for. 

Coweta-Fayette EMC, your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative has long placed a priority on promoting energy efficiency to our members. We are constantly hearing that you are interested in homes that are well insulated, more energy efficient, more economically heated and cooled, cleaner and safer and more comfortable. Therefore, Coweta-Fayette EMC has decided to reward members for exceeding the ordinary and going a step further to meet these energy efficient standards. To qualify for the Touchstone Energy New Home certification, nine of the eighteen following energy efficient features must be included in the dwelling. When choosing your features, please note that electric heat pumps, electric water heaters, water saving devices, and a load management switch are considered mandatory and must be used.

The Touchstone Energy Home features are:
R-16 wall insulation, minimum
R-38 attic insulation, minimum
R-19 floor insulation for closed and open crawl spaces
Programmable thermostat
Double pane windows or single pane with storm window
Metal insulated exterior doors
Infiltration control
Energy Star appliances
Electric water heating must be either Marathon or solar (mandatory)
Energy efficient electric heat pump (mandatory)
Load management switch (mandatory)
Water conservation devices (mandatory)
Exhaust system in kitchen and baths
Exterior vapor barrier or house wrap
Duct located in conditioned space
Heat recovery system
All windows have low-e glass

Heat pumps must have an SEER of 14.5 or more, an HSPF of 8 and be sized per the Georgia Energy Code. The following gas applications will be allowed: natural or propane gas logs, cook tops, and piggyback heating and cooling systems.

Touchstone New Home Incentives
$1000 for homes using electric heat pumps or geothermal systems and a Marathon water heater
$1500 for homes using electric heat pumps or geothermal systems and a solar water heater
$750 for homes using duel fuel heat pumps and a Marathon water heater
$1250 for homes using dual fuel heat pumps and a solar water heater
If you would like to certify your new home as a
Touchstone Energy Home, please contact the marketing
department at 770-502-0226 today.

Touchstone Existing Homes

These incentives can assist those of you looking to replace heating and air equipment, water heaters, insulation and windows.  If you need help determining what modifications to make in your home, please call our marketing department at 770-502-0226 for assistance.

All heat pumps must have a 14.5 SEER or higher energy rating.  These rebates are only available for equipment replaced since January 1, 2013.

·$275 for gas to electric heat pumps

·$150 for gas to dual fuel heat pumps

·$75 for heat pump replacements

·$500 for geothermal

·$500 for electric/gas to solar water heaters

·$250 for gas to electric water heaters

-$250 for heat pump water heater

·$150 for R-11 to R-38 attic insulation; $90 for R-19 to R-38

·$150 for R-13 floor insulation

·$75 A/C Replacement 15 SEER minimum

·$25 per window replacement up to 8 windows

·$25 per programmable thermostat (maximum $50 per home)



2013 Energy Tax Credits Reduced




Please refer to the following links for tax credit information.