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Together We Save - This is designed to provide you with energy saving tips, tricks and practices. Discover ways to improve energy efficiency on this room-by-room cyber journey of a typical home. You can also see how much you can save by replacing standard incandescent lights with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs). Quite a lot!


Online Home Energy Audit - This easy-to-use tool is designed to help you identify the best ways to save energy in your home.


Energy Saving Ideas 

1. Use cold water instead of hot for washing clothes.

2. In winter, lower temperatures in the home to around 68 degrees. In summer, keep air conditioning set at 78 degrees or above.

3. Install storm windows and doors where possible. Caulk cracks and weatherstrip windows and doors. Insulate walls, ceilings, and floors in your home.

4. Check and maintain your heating and cooling system for the most efficient performance.

5. Reduce the use of lighting in the home. Use low-power light bulbs and lower wattage where strong light is not necessary. Don’t leave lights on in unoccupied rooms.

6. Don’t use the dishwasher for less than a full load of dishes.

7. Turn off the heat in unoccupied rooms and close those doors, unless you have a heat pump.

8. Don’t let hot water run while washing, shaving, or doing dishes. Fill basin or sink with only as much water as needed.

9. Don’t block heat outlets, such as radiators or registers, with furniture, carpets, or draperies.

Home Energy Calculator - Determine the cost of your current energy use and see how that amount changes by creating various scenarios for comparison.



Kids Zone – Calling all co-op kids!  Visit this special section to have hours of fun with CFL Charlie, the Touchstone Energy mascot.  You’ll find interactive games, coloring pages, educational info, energy tips and much, much more!


For more information on energy efficiency, visit the Touchstone Energy Savers website, and start spending less today!

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